Hindsight is 20/20: Fury Matchday #2

After a point on the road in Atlanta after a 1:1 draw at Silverbacks Park on Saturday night, I look back on the what could have changed had they only taken my advice that I’m writing after the fact.

Don’t Continue to be Injured

The midfield was the problem unit heading into the 2015 NASL season for the Ottawa Fury FC and the top three guys Richie Ryan, Ubiparipovic and de Guzman have played an entire one game combined since the start of the season (and JDG didn’t see that first game through).  Ryan and Ubi continued to be injured and the midfield is having a tough time without them.  With the team unable to complete multiple passes in Atlanta’s half, the injuries, and a suspension, is not doing the Fury any favours early in the Spring Season.  While not a persistent injury, missing Paulo Jr was a big factor on Saturday as the wing play was a bit stifled and lacked any creativity and pace.


Stolen from katiescucina.com


Be the Bigger Man

I don’t know what the Fury did to upset the referee union, perhaps they forgot to donate to their last fund raiser (probably for blindness, get it!).  Whatever it was to warrant the wrath and scorn of referees and linesman (yeah, I know their called referee’s assistants, but they run the lines not pick up the ref’s dry cleaning).  Again, the Fury we’re the victims of another blown call, this time leading the the tying goal.  Fury need to nut-up and apologize to the ref’s union and maybe send them a basket full of jam or something, I don’t know how these things work?

Stolen from theguardian.com

Stolen from theguardian.com

No Long Ball, No

Alright, we get Tommy Heinemann is tall but he’s not exactly the prototypical target man able to bring down long balls with ease and hold up play until he sets up a winger or midfield with the perfect pass to create an opportunity.  Yet, every game, generally at the beginning, the defenders and mids lob balls to Tommy hoping he’s going to magically make something out of them, but he either misses them completely or heads them down field to the opposing defenders.  This is not Tommy’s fault, although he didn’t have the greatest game on Saturday, but that of the mids and defenders who look for the quick transition.  This has never worked for the Fury ever, so stop doing it.

Stolen from redsarmy.com

Stolen from redsarmy.com

More Goal Celebration Choreography

“Why is Nicki Paterson yelling at the sky?”  I thought to myself after the opening goal that put the Fury ahead 1:0 in the first half.  It wasn’t until Colin Falvey would later provide context to the awkward moment by fake choking Nicki.  Ah that makes sense now, thanks!  Maybe spend more time choreographing these instead of convincing some guy you’re all a bunch of super elite hitmen.

Maybe Next Time Take Delta

To be fair I stole this from an Atlanta Ultras sign I saw during the match.  Less crazy people, also, you don’t have to listen to the emergency spiel in two languages.

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